Pecos Shamans


Acrylic on canvas, 2011, 16″ x 20″,  framed. Depicts colors, textures, forms and themes used over 3,000 years ago by artists of Pecos Valley rock shelters. The palette is limited to natural pigments available to prehistoric rock painting: carbon black, red ochre, yellow ochre and shell white, in addition to colors employed for rendering the rock face. Interpreted from photograph by John Hafner, 2001, by permission.

These prehistoric pictographs were probably created over 3,000 years ago by the people then living in the area.  The area is being studied extensively. A number of books, photographs and web sites are available for further understanding.  The archaeological sites are protected and preserved by several cooperating organizations including the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, the Rock Art Foundation, and the Archaeological Institute of America SHUMLA School.  You can access some of these awesome pictographs much more easily and conveniently than John ever did by visiting the Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site west of Comstock, Texas.